Fundraise from anywhere.

Fundraise with your team, sell ultra-premium popcorn, and earn 50% profit. No fundraising minimums or fees.

Something for everyone

With two flavors of fundraising, we can provide the experience that’s right for you.
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Every order is made-to-order

Popped fresh, just for you.

We don’t pop a kernel until an order is placed. Every single one of our 12 unique flavors are handcrafted in small batches and made to order so that you always receive the freshest popcorn with the perfect crunch. That’s because you deserve popcorn, not preservatives.

Made in Chicago.

50% of every dollar supports a cause

Whether you’re sending a gift, supporting a fundraiser, or just needed some self-indulgence time with a bag of your favorite flavor, Double Good always gives back 50% of every dollar you spend. That’s how we Create Joy for others, together.

“The most awesome snack we've ever tried.”