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Brochure Fundraising

Our classic, in-person fundraising you know and love

Take your brochures to school, to work, or around the neighborhood. Spread delicious joy wherever you go!

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How it works

Distribute brochures

Organizers distribute their brochures to their sellers who in turn solicit popcorn orders.

How it works

Collect forms and place orders

After orders are collected, the organizer tallies up seller brochures and orders the popcorn.

How it works

Receive and distribute popcorn

Double Good sends all of the popcorn directly to the organizers who then distributes it to the sellers.

Why Double Good popcorn is an easy peasy sell

Premium popcorn flavors that sell themselves

Our flavors have been perfected over 25 years. They are popped fresh daily and shipped directly to your doorstep.

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50% of all sales go to your team or cause

Unlike other fundraising options, you keep half of everything you sell. There are no set up fees. No product handling fees. No extra fees ever.

Meet the cast of flavors

Our mouthwatering collection stocks your team’s fundraising Pop-Up Stores. $10-14 per bag, 50% of which goes directly to your organization.

Butter Believe It

Ready for an episode of salted, creamy crunch?


A blaze of spicy perfection with a kick that won’t quit.

Sergeant Salt & Pepper

Cracked black pepper and sea salt atop crunchy kernels.


Dripping in brown sugar and caramel.

Little Kettle That Could

Lightly sweet, a little salty, perfectly crisp.

In Queso Fire

This cheddar and jalapeño recipe is built for the bold.

Finished fundraising? Submit your order!

Now that you’ve collected all orders, tally up seller brochures and order our premium, small batch popcorn. We'll handle the rest and ship the delicious goodies straight to you so your sellers can deliver some sweet treats!

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Find the Double Good fundraising experience that’s right for you

Whether you’re an athletic team, school, not-for-profit, or just need to fundraise, you can easily and quickly organize a Double Good popcorn fundraiser that meets your needs.

Virtual Fundraising

Brochure Fundraising

Average Amount Sold

$400 per participant

$160 per participant

Fundraiser timeline

4 days fundraising window, scheduled up to 2 months in advance

Organizers choose how long to run their fundraiser

50% Profit

No fees, minimums or upfront costs

Print your brochures and start today

Let’s goooooo! To start in-person fundraising, download and print your own brochures now.

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Raise more with virtual fundraising

On average, organizers raise 3x more through a virtual fundraiser.

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Read about how we raise joy


Top 3 Keys To Fundraising Success

Here are a few simple tips that will help you inspire your team, manage their enthusiastic participation and achieve your fundraising goal.

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