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Meet the cast of flavors

Our mouthwatering collection stocks your team’s fundraising Pop-Up Stores. $11-14 per bag, 50% of which goes directly to your organization.

In Queso Fire

A blaze of spicy, cheesy perfection with a kick that won't quit.

White Cheddar Go Getter

Tasty popcorn with an elegant coating of creamy white cheddar.

Home On The Ranch

Zesty buttermilk meets heavenly herbs.

Little Kettle That Could

A little sweet, a little salty, perfectly crisp.

Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy

Caramel meets cheese in this uniquely Double Good treat.

Butter Believe It

Fluffy buttery popcorn lightly salted to perfection.

Look at what people are saying about our popcorn!

“This popcorn does not offer one flavor that I don't like!! My favorite is Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy! Right behind that, is Sergeant Salt & Pepper, In Queso Fire & Butter Believe It!”

LouEllen S.

“This popcorn is amazing! My favorite is the ‘Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy’ and I typically order several bags at a time. This is a great way to support a cause AND get a delicious reward.”

Tenesha R.

“Who decided on the name Double Good? Cause y'all lied. This is like Triple Good, Quadruple Good, Quintuple Good. You get the point. It's good. Like SO good.”

Tara J.

Why our popcorn is so mouth-wateringly delicious

Our popcorn doesn’t sit on a shelf. Each bag is made to order with our proprietary manufacturing process, ensuring that you receive the most ridiculously delicious popcorn you’ve ever had in your life.

Premium quality produced in small batches

Small batch manufacturing allows us to prepare each batch with joy and care so that our taste and your experience are always delightful.

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Made-to-order, so it's 
always fresh

Your supporter's orders are shipped 24-48 hours after their delicious popcorn has been popped. This ensures they get a delightful bag of the best popcorn they've ever tasted.

Offered in a variety of award-winning flavors

Don’t just take our word for it. Our delicious flavors have been recognized by Food & Wine magazine, the Chicago Tribune, and the Today Show.

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Your supporters can choose to donate their popcorn

Even if your supporters don’t want to receive popcorn or have allergens that prevent them from eating popcorn, they can still boost your cause and double their impact by showing appreciation to staff at schools and children’s hospitals.

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