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Located in Chicagoland and popping 15,000 pounds of handmade, ultra-premium popcorn every day, Double Good is a community of like-minded dreamers, doers, believers, and thinkers committed to helping kids do what they love. Tim Heitmann started his popcorn business in 1998 selling to national retailers, but he quickly realized the demands of big business didn’t line up with his desire to create joy and help others. When he began offering fundraising opportunities for kids in 2003, the future of the company completely changed. Tim began receiving letters from young athletes who said the popcorn helped them purchase new uniforms or pay for travel to their team’s championships. They told him that everyone who supported them loved the popcorn. These stories changed the way he looked at what he was doing, and he wanted to do it for more kids.

It became clear the best way to help these kids was to help their coaches and organizers fundraise with no effort, so we created the Double Good Social Fundraising platform with the goal of changing their experience. Using the Double Good app, teams sell popcorn for just four days by sharing a link with friends and family, and keep 50% of the sales. Double Good then ships made-to-order popcorn directly to buyers, so there’s no paperwork or product to handle.

In 2017, Double Good’s commitment to helping kids took on additional meaning with the launch of the Double Good Kids Foundation, which provides equipment, education, and experience for kids with special needs. The Foundation has sponsored the Exceptional Athlete Gala at the USASF Worlds Championships in Disney World; provided surfboards and life jackets for Surfers Healing, a surf camp for children with autism; and funded Elementary Science Olympiad For All, an adaptation of Science Olympiad games to include children with disabilities.

The company’s success is measured by how much they give back, and so far Double Good has helped organizations raise over 90 million dollars.

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Nothing brings us greater joy than the incredible stories from Double Good’s vast community of do-gooders. Here we proudly feature a wide collection of stories that are meant to inspire, educate, inform and entertain you.
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Black Girls Cheer The Movie

We filmed a documentary that explores the creation of an organization that’s purpose is to help young black girls see themselves represented in the cheerleading community and empower them to be themselves.

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