Virtual Fundraising

Meet Pop-Up Stores

Pop-Up Stores make it easy for you and your team to fundraise beyond your neighborhood without ever having to handle money or deliver product.

A Pop-Up Store for every participant

Each of your team members selling popcorn will get their own Pop-Up Store to personalize using the Double Good app and a unique link to share with friends and family.

Visit a Pop-Up Store

Pop-Up Store personalization

When creating their personal Pop-Up Store, each participant will set a goal for how many dollars worth of popcorn they want to sell and upload their own photo or video.

Increasing participation

Participation is the #1 problem organizers face when running a team-based fundraiser. 

Pop-Up Stores activate your team’s participation through your real-time Leaderboard where everyone can see who has opened up their Pop-Up Store and how much each person is selling. With only 4 days to sell as much ultra-premium gourmet popcorn as they can, participation & competition heat up fast!

Easy for your supporters

Orders are placed online. Without needing to download an app or create an account, supporters simply follow the Pop-Up Store link shared with them and they will be greeted with all varieties of our insanely delicious, ultra-premium popcorn that they can effortlessly purchase to their (and your) heart’s delight.

Recent Buyers

Recent Buyers fuel excitement for your team and supporters as everyone can see with each popcorn purchase how the fundraiser and each individual participant is performing, and can even leave a comment cheering on your team!

This was the least stressful fundraiser.

Antonio Godinez

Mount Carmel High School - Chicago, Illinois.


$8,655 raised

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