Brochure Fundraising

Classic in-person fundraising with a ​pop​ of Double Good flavor. Reach your goals by connecting with those around you.

Need them printed for you?

If you would like us to send you printed brochures, just fill out the request form. It may take up to two weeks for printed brochures to be delivered.

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Ultra-Premium Popcorn and 50% Profit. That’s Double Good.

Distribution is Simple

We ship the order directly to the fundraiser organizer.

50% Profit

50% of your earnings will go directly to supporting your organization.

No upfront costs

No upfront cost or order minimum, making it great for organizations of all sizes.

Try Virtual Fundraising

With two flavors of fundraising, we can provide the experience that’s right for you.

Double Good’s virtual Pop-Up Stores are 100% contactless and perfect for anyone looking to fundraise with a team.

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How Brochure Fundraising Works

Placing Orders

1. Collect Order Forms

Each seller turns in their Order Form Summary from their brochure along with the money that they’ve raised. Sellers should keep their order form to distribute popcorn to their supporters.

2. Place your Order

Navigate to the Brochure order placement page. During payment, you’ll only pay 50% to Double Good plus the shipping and handling fee.

3. Distribute the popcorn

Once payment is made, you will receive your total order via FedEx within 2-3 weeks. When it arrives, you and your sellers will use the order forms to sort and distribute popcorn to supporters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can supporters place orders online to benefit my fundraiser?

We offer virtual fundraising through Pop-Up Stores where all orders are placed online and the product is shipped directly to your supporters. Click here to learn more about Pop-Up Store fundraising.

We currently do not accept online orders from supporters to credit your brochure fundraiser.

How do I place our fundraising order?

Once you have all orders and payments, navigate to

Using the Order Form Summary Sheets, submit all the products your participants sold

During payment, you are only charged 50% due to Double Good and the applicable shipping and handling cost.

Shipping is a flat-rate cost based on the number of items in your order: 

  • 1-50 items: $25 

  • 50-197 items: additional $0.50 per item

  • 198+ items: $99

Payment must be made via credit/debit before we can begin processing your order.

Once payment is made, you will receive the order within 11-14 business days, provided there are no shipping carrier delays.

(The tally sheet will calculate each seller’s 50% profit and the 50% profit earned for the entire group)

Can I fundraise as an individual for a personal reason?

While our fundraising program works best for groups, individuals are also able to fundraise. If fundraising as an individual, follow the same instructions as above. When it comes to placing your order, simply place your order for the total number of items needed.

What payments do you accept?

We highly recommend paying by debit/credit card as this is the easiest and quickest way to begin processing your order.

We accept the following card types:

  • American Express

  • MasterCard

  • Visa

  • Discover

We do not accept cash as payment.

There is an error with my order - what do I do?

If there are any discrepancies with your order, please email with your order number and describe the discrepancy.

*If you are a participant of a fundraiser, please contact the organizer of the fundraiser to handle discrepancies.

Can supporters pay with checks? Who do they write checks to?

Preferred form of payment is completely up to you. If you allow supporters to write checks, please ensure they are written out to you or your organization. When placing your fundraising order, you keep profit upfront so you will process all payments before making one payment to Double Good.

We do not accept personal checks as payment.

How can I pay with a check?

We do not accept checks as payment. If you have an issue processing payment for your order, please email

Can I mail in our orders? Where do I mail them?

We do not accept mailed-in orders. All orders must be placed online.

Can I expedite my order?

We do not offer expedited orders. All orders take 7-10 business days to be popped fresh and delivered once payment has been processed.

Where can I find nutritional information?

See nutritional info for each flavor here.

How much is shipping? Do we have to pay for shipping?

Shipping is a flat-rate cost based on the number of items in your order:

1-50 items:  $25

50-197 items:  additional $.50 per item 

198+ items:  $99

There is a shipping cost for every fundraising order. We do not currently offer free shipping. 

Can I edit my order?

If you have already paid for your order and need to make changes, please send an email to with your order number. Our Customer Support team will gladly assist you.

How can I track my order? What is the turn-around time?

You will receive an email with tracking information as soon as it's available. Once payment has been processed, orders take 11-14 business days to deliver.

Can I download the brochure?

You can download our brochure here.