Find the Double Good Fundraising experience that’s right for you

Whether you’re an athletic team, school, not-for-profit, or just need to fundraise, you can easily and quickly organize a Double Good popcorn fundraiser that meets your needs.
Virtual Fundraising
Brochure Fundraising
50% Profit
No fees, minimums or upfront costs
Sell Double Good popcorn
Real-time participant leaderboard
Real-time sales notifications
Average amount sold$400 per participant$160 per participant
Fundraiser timeline4 days fundriasing window, scheduled up to 2 months in advanceOrganizers choose how long to run their fundraiser
ParticipationParticipants share their Pop-Up Store link via text, email, and social mediaParticipants take home a printed brochure order form
Order placementSupporters place their orders onlineOrganizer tallies forms and places order
ShippingOrders ship directly to the supporter, anywhere in the USAA bulk popcorn order ships to the organizer, sorted by participant

Virtual Pop-Up Store Fundraising

Double Good’s virtual Pop-Up Stores are 100% contactless and perfect for anyone looking to fundraise with a team.

Every fundraiser participant will get their own Pop-Up Store to personalize using the Double Good app and a unique link to share with their friends and family.

Supporters check out online, enabling you and your participants to sell beyond your neighborhood. Orders are shipped directly to your buyer, and you receive your fundraiser payout via direct deposit or check after your Event ends.


Brochure Fundraising

Our classic Double Good Brochure Fundraiser has long been the favorite of communities that need more flexibility with their timeline or prefer the experience of delivering the product directly to their buyers.

Organizers order, distribute and collect brochure order forms, and then place a tallied popcorn order once the event has ended.

Popcorn is then shipped to the organizer, sorted by participant, and the organizer and participants personally distribute popcorn orders to fundraiser supporters.


Things to consider

How much does shipping cost?

Pop-Up Store Fundraising:

Supporters pay their own shipping. Shipping costs $4.95 to $12.95 based on the number of items ordered. **

Brochure Fundraising:

Organizers incur a shipping cost of $25 to $99.

** You may incur additional charges when shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or APO/FPO addresses.

Can I run both fundraisers at the same time?

Yes, organizers can run both PPS and brochure fundraiser at the same time.

How does payout work for virtual fundraising?

You can select between ACH direct deposit or check to receive your fundraising earnings.

Direct Deposit typically takes between 3-5 days.

Checks are delivered via USPS within 4-5 weeks.

How does payout work for brochure fundraising?

Organizer tallies all orders and places a bulk order with Double Good for 50% of the purchase price.