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Top 3 Keys to Fundraising Success

Double Good

March 30, 2024 • Read 2 Min

You’ve downloaded the Double Good virtual fundraising app and scheduled your 4-day event. Now you’re ready to enlist the participation of your team as sellers. 

What can you do to make sure your team members are 100% ready when your event begins? And how can you keep them excited and participating throughout the 4 days to increase the success of your fundraiser?

Here are a few simple tips that will help you inspire your team, manage their enthusiastic participation and achieve your fundraising goal.

Key #1: Communicate early and often

The Double Good virtual fundraising app makes it easy for you to communicate and share with all the team members who will participate in your fundraising event.

But it’s critically important that you share the unique event code for your fundraiser with all your participants before your event’s start date. You want to be sure that each team member creates their own personalized Pop-Up Store and joins the event before the fundraiser begins.

It’s also very effective if you:

  • Remind participants to share the link to their Pop-Up Stores daily throughout the 4-day fundraiser. This ensures that every person in each team member’s family and friends network is alerted to the opportunity to purchase popcorn and support your fundraiser.

  • Encourage participants to send personalized notes to one another, increasing engagement, building team support and unity, and boosting esprit de corps. 

  • Tell your sellers to promote your incentive prizes if you’re using them (it’s highly recommended). For example, each team member can share the fundraiser’s larger objective in their Pop-Up Stores (“Help my team raise funds for our trip to state”) as well as the additional internal incentives (“If I’m the top seller, I get a $50 Amazon gift card”) you’re offering.

Key #2: Foster friendly encouragement

Your team’s virtual fundraising event features a private chat platform for all participants. This allows your team members to encourage and support each other with personalized notes, increasing everyone’s engagement with the overall team effort.

You can also use this private chat to:

  • answer questions team members may have

  • share news of big sales (“Hey team: Megan Jones just sold $200 in popcorn to her grandma!”)

  • announce milestones reached (“Hey team: We just passed $10,000 in sales! Keep going!”)

  • keep all team members focused on the fundraiser’s goal (“Hey team: Remember, if we reach our fundraising goal, we can pay for our travel to the state tournament”)

Key #3: Incentives really work

Awarding prizes for reaching key milestones is a great way to motivate your sellers and drive engagement throughout the 4-day event. 

Incentive prizes fuel friendly competition and encourage team members to sell more. Your fundraising event’s leaderboard shows real-time status, so every team member can track how other team members are doing, which increases the excitement and drives the competition.

Incentives don’t have to be expensive to be effective. Your event’s incentives might include:

  • a team sweatshirt for team members who reach $250 in sales

  • a $50 gift card for team members who reach $500 in sales

  • dinner with the organizers for team members who reach $1,000 in sales

Incentives don’t have to cost money. You can present honors like Queen of the Fundraiser or award special seating at a game to your top sellers. 

And if you stage Double Good virtual fundraising events each season or year, you can award Most Improved Seller and Rookie of the Year honors.

Ready to achieve way more in way less time?

Find out how the St. Rita High School football team staged a successful initial Double Good virtual fundraiser and then sold 40 percent more in their second fundraiser. 

Then apply these team-inspiring tips to make more dreams come true selling caramelicious, butterblissful, cheese-tastic Double Good popcorn with less effort and in less time than you ever thought possible.

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