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Ohhhhhh yessssss: It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time is back!

Double Good

January 14, 2024 • Read 2 Min

What if you could literally deliver joy in a bag? What if opening that bag transported you to nirvana on a billowy cloud of silky chocolate and creamy peanut butter?

That’s exactly what’s inside every bag of It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time.

It’s one of our most eagerly anticipated seasonal flavors (it was a Food & Wine magazine Top 5 Choice), with a fanatical cult following that craves this heavenly combination of white chocolate and rich peanut butter drizzled atop salty-sweet kettle corn.

Here at Double Good, we’ve sensed that nationwide craving and are pleased to announce that It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time is back to help your organization drive sales and crush your fundraising goals. 

But It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time is here only for a limited time, so schedule your fundraiser by March to make this in-demand flavor part of your event.

And if you’re a popcorn fan (and who isn’t?), now’s the time to load up on It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time before everyone else grabs your stockpile. As Teresa Barbiere, Vice President of Brand and Partner Relationships for Rebel Athletic, urges, “Don’t walk to get It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time—run!”

Want to get a special alert when seasonal flavors like It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time make their eagerly awaited appearances? Sign up here. 

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