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Tilting the playing field for children with special needs

Double Good

May 15, 2023 • Read 2 Min

The Double Good Kids Foundation was established in 2017 with the mission to serve children with special needs so that they can equitably participate in athletic, educational and extracurricular experiences. Founder Tim Heitmann and his wife, Natalie, created the family foundation to bring these experiences to life for the kids and provide a small respite for their families and caregivers.

“As parents of young children, Natalie and I know how challenging it is,” explained Tim, founder and CEO of Double Good. “Raising neurodiverse children requires a whole other level of care. We wanted the Foundation to serve this community – children and caregivers – and deliver joy in the form of a day of hands-on experiences designed specifically for them to enjoy.”

Over the past 6 years, Double Good has collaborated with like-minded and committed organizations that support children facing physical, neurological and social barriers. We establish these relationships and actively partner with these groups through our Friends of Double Good program, providing everything from equipment and financial resources to volunteers and our delicious, award-winning popcorn.

Now, Double Good is doubling down on its commitment to the cause by taking on more ownership of the Foundation’s mission and partnering with a leading expert in the field, the Kohl Children’s Museum in Glenview, IL. Together, we’re preparing to host a very special event serving children with special needs on a grander scale.

This fall, we are proud to bring you the premiere of Double Good Days, an annual event filled with fun activities for children of all abilities – adaptive sports, sensitivity animals, art workshops, 17 hands-on exhibits, and much more! Hosted on their campus, the day’s festivities are designed to fulfill the Museum’s mission of creating learning experiences that spark imagination and curiosity, as well as the Foundation’s mission of delivering equitable experiences. That’s how we create joy.

Sign up here to get up-to-date information about event details, schedules and registration.

Learn more about the Kohl Children’s Museum here.

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