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Home On The Ranch Makes Its Delicious Debut in April

Double Good

March 14, 2024 • Read 2 Min

Home On the Ranch Makes Its Delicious Debut

It’s not easy for a new flavor to earn its place on the Double Good popcorn roster.

It has to be unique, amazing and crave-inducing.

And it must get refined and perfected over a long process to win the approval of our expert team of popcorn innovators, food scientists and production wizards—a team that knew in an instant when we got our newest flavor just right.

And now we’re proud to introduce Home on the Ranch—a zesty, tangy popcorn sensation that sends you to America’s Southwest with every savory-licious handful.

This incredible new flavor, available now only for a limited time, can help you achieve your fundraising goals in even less time than you thought possible. Order some for yourself and see what the excitement’s all about.

4 fun facts you didn’t know about ranch

This massively popular flavor had a surprisingly humble origin.

  1. Ranch dressing was created in 1949 by Steven Henson, a plumber working on a construction crew in Anchorage, Alaska

  2. Ranch got its name from “Hidden Valley Ranch,” the piece of land Henson bought when he moved to Santa Barbara, California, and began making his ranch dressing available for sale

  3. It’s the number-one salad dressing in the U.S., the top choice of more than 40 percent of Americans

  4. People crave ranch on everything, and you can find ranch-flavored cookies, ice cream—even soda

Drawing inspiration from Double Good’s heritage

During our 25th anniversary celebration last year, Double Good founder and CEO Tim Heitmann encouraged the team to look back at our roots and explore ways to refine and re-introduce some of the popular flavors we’d offered in the company’s early days.

Ranch quickly went to the top of the list, and we decided to create a totally new recipe with the zesty combination of buttermilk, garlic and herbs.

The ingredients would be carefully customized to our exacting standards and crafted with a proprietary process to deliver a down-on-the-ranch taste sensation.

Our innovation gurus, flavor masters and R&D experts worked tirelessly to ensure that Home on the Ranch delivered a tangy ranch taste worthy of the Double Good name.

“It was a team effort to bring the taste of ranch to life,” said Mary Hess, Director of Brand Technical, “and we genuinely cannot wait for consumers to experience this delicious new flavor.”

The time is so right for ranch

Everywhere you look, you’ll see folks putting ranch dressing on salads, vegetables, chips, wings, pizza and so much more. We can’t get enough of this tangy, buttermilky flavor—and now you can treat your team’s supporters to this Southwestern taste sensation and fuel your next fundraiser to amazing new heights.

All of us at Double Good look forward to having you tear open a bag of Home on the Ranch–the new popcorn with the flavor America craves.

Want to get a special alert when seasonal flavors like Home On The Ranch make their eagerly awaited appearances? Sign up here.

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