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Mastering the Art of Store Promotion

Double Good

March 9, 2024 • Read 2 Min

Did you know that most Double Good sellers generate the highest sales through direct communication via text message?

This is an excellent reminder that the WHERE is just as important as the HOW in creating a successful fundraising campaign.

Use More Than One Channel.

Did you know the average person is on 3-5 social media apps? Additionally, the stores selling the most popcorn share their link across multiple platforms like email, text, and numerous social media apps while staying consistent with follow-ups. Be sure to tag @doadoublegood on social to increase shares and reach our network of popcorn lovers!

When planning your promotions, consider all your options for sharing your store. It’s always best to pick the top 2-3 channels you frequently communicate on and design your campaigns accordingly.

This is especially important if channels like Facebook prohibit your account from promoting your store – a growing issue as Facebook increases its anti-spam initiatives. See our suggestions if this is happening to you. 

Here’s a list of popular social media apps:

  • Facebook 

  • TikTok

  • Instagram 

  • WhatsApp

  • X (Twitter)

  • YouTube

  • Linkedin 

  • Twitch

  • Next Door

What should I say?

Consider WHO you’re promoting to. 

If you’re sending a message to close family and friends, you might be able to be more casual. If you’re promoting to colleagues and acquaintances, your tone should most likely be more formal. 

Overall, here are the best practices to keep in mind: 

  1. Get personal 

  2. Have a clear ask 

  3. Create urgency 

  4. Say Thanks

Get personal 

Don’t be afraid to get personal and share WHY you’re hosting a fundraiser and what a Double Good popcorn purchase would allow you to do. 

An excellent example of this would be: 

I’m hosting a Double Good fundraiser for my upcoming football season. Your purchase would allow my team and I to purchase new helmets and equipment that meet new safety standards and keep us protected all season long.

Have a clear ask 

As you create your message don’t forget to be SUPER clear with your ask. 

An excellent example of this would be: 

If you want to participate in my fundraiser, follow the link below to purchase popcorn. If you cannot support me at this time, I would greatly appreciate it if you could forward this message. 

Create Urgency 

Reminder: you only have 4 days to promote your store! Be sure to follow up with those who haven’t bought popcorn and remind them that their window of time is closing in. 

A good example of this: 

Hey {name}! 

To follow-up from my previous message, I just wanted to remind you that there is only 1 day left to purchase popcorn! Please let me know if you’re able to support

Remember: a no is a no. If someone says they are not interested, remove them from your contact list. 

Say Thanks

Did you know that the Double Good app has a ‘thank you’ feature to thank your buyers? This is a small but meaningful gesture to give back to your supporters. You never know when you might need them to support you in your next Double Good fundraiser! 

Practice Good Social Etiquette 

While there is an urgency to tell everyone, everywhere, on everything – remember to practice good social etiquette. 

Promoting store links on others’ posts to which you have no relation will increase your chances of being flagged as a spam account. 

If this has happened to you, here’s a link to our step-by-step guide on resolving this with Facebook.

Ultimately, post with a purpose and be respectful of others on social media to ensure that your store is seen! Additionally, you might consider recruiting 2 or 3 friends or family members to share your store upon posting to mitigate posts being flagged as spam. 

Get Creative

Online isn’t the only means of starting a conversation with a potential buyer. If you’re running into the challenge of getting blocked by Facebook or other social networks from promoting your store, look no further than outside your door! 

One of the most creative solutions we’ve seen to combat blocked links is using old-school flyers with QR codes to pass around to friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors.

Another creative workaround is adding your store link to the image itself. Then let everyone know to message you directly for the link. Here’s a link to our seller tool kit and instructions for how to edit with your link. 

Additionally, starting a text chain or email asking for help sharing the store is another excellent way to spread the word.  

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to ask for help and have fun! 

For inspiration, check out this story of St. Rita's, a past seller who’s raised thousands for their team.

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