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Meet the Team: Liz Ortiz

Double Good

June 16, 2024 • Read 3 Min

Featuring Production Team Lead, Liz Ortiz

ANDY: Liz, you are a popcorn Production Team Lead. What does your day look like?

LIZ: I start my day with a morning huddle with the whole team so we know what the day will look like on the production floor. Before production starts we need to make sure all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are being followed. Safety first! I walk the production floor and make sure all work centers are clean and sanitized before we start production. Once we are set and ready to go, our operators gather their ingredients and recipes and start cooking our delicious popcorn.

ANDY: How did you start out at Double Good?

LIZ: I started at Double Good back in 2014 when it was still Popcorn Palace. My brother was a Matrix operator and was the one who introduced me to the company. The first work center I started at is where the caramel is made. I moved around the production floor to help in various utility areas for a while until I was moved to one of our production lines. With the years passing and the company growing, a production lead position opened up and I saw an opportunity and applied.

ANDY: You recently went with some team members to a Surfers Healing One Perfect Day at the beach event. What was that like?

LIZ: We gathered at the beach and helped set up. We talked about Double Good and what it stands for and passed out popcorn. I was amazed at how much people already knew about us and what we do. And also how much they love our popcorn! I was so happy and surprised to see how our hard work impacts others through our online fundraising and our contributions to the many programs and events like this. Surfers Healing and what they stand for is such an amazing program. Their mission is to enrich the lives of people living with autism by exposing them to the amazing experience of surfing. All the smiles and happiness they bring to the community are so heartwarming. Such an amazing experience.

ANDY: What surprised you the most at the event?

LIZ: When the surfers and guests went out to the beach and had Double Good surfboards, it was such an exciting feeling! I was surprised and so happy to see how many people attended the event.

ANDY: Do you have a favorite story from the event?

LIZ: There was this family that was coming to the tent to grab some popcorn after surfing and yelled, “OMG, Double Good is here! I LOVE YOUR POPCORN! CAN I TAKE IT ALL?” The smiles everywhere are something I will always remember. Everyone came together as a big family.

ANDY: If you met the parent of a child with autism who was considering attending a Surfers Healing event, what would you tell them?

LIZ: It’s such a great opportunity to be a part of this event as it will build confidence and bring peace to the surfer, not to mention how happy they will be in the end. Everyone is so helpful and sweet. It is such a family environment, so it will definitely be worth it.

ANDY: What did you take away from the event personally?

LIZ: That people coming together can make a big difference in the community. Surfers Healing gives kids with autism an opportunity to have this amazing experience, while Double Good helps programs like this daily through fundraising. Together, anything is possible.

ANDY: As one of the leaders of our popcorn-making, I have to ask: what is your favorite flavor?

LIZ: I love all our popcorn! Especially since it’s always fresh and contains the best ingredients. Having such a variety of flavors makes it hard to choose one as my favorite. But I can say In Queso Fire has to be one of my favorites since it’s savory and spicy.

ANDY: Is there anything that you’d want people to know about your Double Good Experience thus far?

LIZ: Being proud to be part of the production floor is one thing. But actually seeing the things made possible outside our facility is amazing! Being able to experience both is extremely eye-opening and makes me happy to be a part of it all.

If you enjoyed learning about Liz and want to know more about Double Good, check out our Career page for our open positions.

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