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Raising Joy Right Through the Roof

Double Good

January 25, 2024 • Read 2 Min

Raising Joy Right Through the Roof

We had high expectations for 2023, but the incredible results have surpassed our expectations. The unbeatable combination of hard work, dedication, and irresistible popcorn has spread joy to every corner of the nation.

Together, we drove the fundraising that enabled:·

  • teams to purchase uniforms

  • bands to buy instruments

  • cheer squads to travel to competitions

  • and the ambitious dreams of countless organizations to be fulfilled

And didn’t we have fun doing it!

Easy does it

Easy Peasy Caramel Cheesy is one of our top-selling popcorn flavors, and easy peasy is a perfect description of our smart fundraising experience. We make it easy to organize a fundraiser, easy for sellers to offer our delicious popcorn to friends and family, easy for hungry buyers to shop and purchase. And we ship direct, which makes it easy for everyone. 

Delivering joy by the bagful

Our delicious popcorn is really all about joy. The joy of choosing from a mouth-watering selection of flavors. The joy of receiving and unboxing our distinctive packages. The joy of tearing open a bag. The very special joy that organizations and their members get to experience because Double Good’s delectable popcorn enabled them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

It feels good to do good

Every bit as satisfying as a handful of our tasty popcorn is the amazing impact we make together. Our Donate Joy donation program recognizes and rewards the people who give so much of themselves to America’s youth. And our Double Good Kids Foundation, funded by your purchases, hosts events filled with all-ability activities for children with special needs and their families.

2023 was a year we can all be proud of, as these terrific numbers demonstrate. But the year ahead promises to be even more fantastic. Our brand-new website will deliver an even more engaging experience for fundraising organizers, sellers and buyers. Our exciting new packaging makes our popcorn even more fun. And incredible new flavors will be added to our tempting selection. Let’s see what we can do now!

* Numbers as of November 2023

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