Black Girls Cheer The Movie

About the film: The world of Allstar cheer is a massive but insulated community that inspires hard work, focus, teamwork, and excellence. It is a world where young athletes build bonds and develop skills that carry them beyond the gym. However, this world was created with a certain type of athlete in mind. As Allstar cheerleading grew in popularity the talent pool widened and African American athletes entered the arena. But, these athletes were immediately met with a number of inherent challenges. To this day, black athletes still struggle to find their place within the sport where rules and a cookie cutter image make it nearly impossible for them to fit the mold.

Black Girls Cheer (BGC), was founded in 2015 as an online Facebook group to provide a safe space for cheerleaders of color, their families, coaches, gym owners and minority-owned spirit industry brands. The community is a space to celebrate victories, discuss tribulations (without feeling “less than”), and to have a place to truly open up about the highs and the lows that come with competitive cheerleading. The documentary explores the connection between BGC and Dynasty Spirit Elite, an Allstar cheerleading program from Philadelphia, and how through confidence and support from the BGC community, they were able to make history as the first all-black team to win the coveted Varsity Triple Crown.